Horses a on our green willow Riding hall

Our riding ground, led by our family, offers everything for horse and guest.
Riding hall, well-lit Round-pen, friendly, bright horse boxes, washing box with solarium, riding place and many fields around our house.

We feed 3 times a day, clean boxes and keep horses outside in groups in winter. food is nearly produced all by ourselves. in summer all the fields are available.

Some horses Horses a on our green willow Boxen

All year long we organize training, jumping and driving courses.

In our crowd of mares your pregnant mare can prepare itself optimal for its offspring. foals are brought up in a big box with a lot of fresh air, light, love and other foals.

We feed the horses three times in winter. Stables are open.

Member of Reiterverband Hannover-Bremen e.V.and partner of Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e.V. (FN)-2006 received 4 stars (****) for business, breeding and holding. FN-proofed and recognized riding station.

Partner "Hannoveraner erleben"

Hannoveraner erleben

Hannoveraner are breeded for generations as saddle-horses. Their good character and their temperament makes them a very good horse for competition and also for leisure time.

Who wants more information about "Hannoveraner erleben" can contact the "Hannoveraner Verband"